Some screenshot of the End to End visualization

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Full view for (German) search starting with "ist" and ending "in." Phrases with no alternatives from start to end are shown with red arcs. The network is zoomed out to see all of it.

Local search term "die" highlighted in network for "ist" ... "in." The network is zoomed in (via the mouse). It can be navigated in the overview window by dragging the selection, as well as by dragging the graph directly. The normal view provides a no zoom view for legibility.

Search for "ist" ... "auf" optimized from left to right. The selected node is in red, nodes it is connected to are in orange, and information about those connected nodes is given in the text area in the lower right. Note the two arcs for "auf" in the lower right of the graph.

Search "ist" ... "auf", this time from right to left. Notice that there is now a single final arc for "auf" instead of the two in the previous network.

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