Structured Parallel Coordinates: ngrams and frequencies

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This visualization shows ngrams and associated frequency information using our extension of parallel coordinates called Structured Parallel Coordinates. The vertical axes represent the ngram positions as well as the associated frequency information. The red vertical bar separates the ngrams from the fields with frequency information (that is count = count of the ngram, percentP1 = percentage of selected ngram with respect to p1, percentP2 = percentage of selected ngram with respect to p2). Each ngram and its associated data is represented by a single line connecting the appropriate points on the axes.

To create a Structured Parallel Coordinates visualization the data should be entered in the field below, where each line has the frequency of the item, followed by a tab, followed by the string item (with no tabs; in multi-word strings words are separated by spaces). As the tab key cannot be used when entering data, it is best to prepare the data in a text editor and copy it to the data field.

Tips for using Structured Parallel Coordinates