Rank Comparison of CQP results

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The purpose of this demo is to show how corpus queries for frequencies might be integrated with a general visualization, here Structured Parallel Coordinates, using an aggregation phase.

Possible corpora include "PRESS_IT_EURAC" (in Italian) and "PRESS_DE_EURAC" (in German). CQP queries must either be surrounded by quotes (for simple word queries), or in full CQP syntax. The press releases corpora of EURAC hold four years of internet announcements on EURAC's activities and events. The corpora are annotated by Morphy (German texts) and the Acopost tagger with refinements based on Morph-it! (Italian texts). For details on the tagsets see here. If you want to count only a part of the result string, then you can use the @ symbol in front of the corresponding part of the query. For example, @[] "Abend" will count the tokens that precede "Abend" (in the PRESS_DE_EURAC, they are "Donnerstag", "der", etc.).

Once you have some results, you can copy them into the ranking visualization below.

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