Two simple xLDD applications

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Chris Culy, Verena Lyding, and Henrik Dittmann

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This page shows two simple applications of Extended Linguistic Dependency Diagrams (xLDD): one for dependency structures for English (PARC 700/ Kalashnikov 691) and one for dependency structures for German (TiGerDB). To see a dependency structure, choose a sentence number from one of the corresponding drop down menus.

You can explore the diagram in a variety of ways:

The diagrams also encode information in various ways to make it easier to see patterns quickly. For English:

For German:

These examples are all drawn from work by Tomas By in which he reanalyzed data from two existing dependency banks, the PARC 700 for English and the TiGerDB for German:

English: Kalashnikov 691 (from PARC 700, as reanalyzed by By) sentence:
German: TiGerDB (as reanalyzed by By) sentence: